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Developing the skills and dispositions of a coach leads to growth and development in multiple dimensions of the emotional, social, cognitive/intellectual and spiritual/moral dimensions – dimensions or aspects of what it means to be human. This integrated growth and development process normalises the narratives which begins with “doing coaching” to “doing coaching more” to “becoming a coach and a leader” to “sustaining a narrative of leadership”, in which coaching becomes integrated into, or subsumed within, a sustained narrative of effective leadership.


Growth Culture believes that a coaching and mentoring programme as part of a leadership development approach is most effective when it is multi-layered and includes:

  • Coaching Mastery – embedding the skills and dispositions of a coach – and using them in their work as they work with others

  • Reciprocal Coaching/Mentoring Relationships for different purposes and needs. Learning the skills and dispositions of a coach is essential to support development

  • A Culture of Coaching – where a plethora of brief “coaching” interactions-in-passing leads to increasingly transformative relationships in which coaching becomes a way “things are done around here” and a way of being.

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