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Our values simply mean that:

We seek to find purpose and enjoyment in every task. 

We don’t discredit the little things. 

We understand that what we do serves a greater vision. 

We understand that our work enables our passion.


We do what we say, and say what we mean. 

We remain steadfast day in and day out regardless of the circumstances. 

We don’t take shortcuts. 

We do things the right way regardless of the cost. 

We treat people fairly, with mana and dignity. 

We never talk behind someone’s back.


We are future focused despite set-backs, upsets and disappointments.

We are people centric and solutions orientated. 

We are ever hopeful. 

We are prepared to be wrong when we are right. 

We carry one another and don’t take offence easily.

We accept we all make mistakes and are there ready to show grace to others at all times.


We have each other’s back. 

We achieve together or fail together. 

We promote unity at all times. 

We always trust those we work with and give them the benefit of the doubt. 

We expect the best from our team and ourselves. 

We understand nothing of worth can be achieved unless it is with others.


We aim to be the best and do our best in whatever task we undertake. 

If we don’t get it right we will persist until it is put right. 

We recognise that quality is as much an attitude as it is a result. 

We understand that excellence is a culture and a continuous pursuit.

We always go the extra mile, work that little bit harder, and take the extra time to do it right. 


We spend time on the tiles.

We believe in multi-directional honour.

We understand that what matters to you matters to me.

We always seek to make you the hero of your story.

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