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At Growth Culture we combine a mix of training, personal/professional development and
coaching/mentoring to create the most effective way to grow performance and improve leadership.

Growth Culture exists to breathe life into leaders so that they can create cultures where everyone can thrive; And, we have seen that with the right tools, leaders can transform schools, Kahui ako and entire education systems through effective coaching.


Most other coaching and training programmes typically rely on single coach–coachee or mentor-mentee matches and can sometimes be quite formal and hierarchical. However, current research evidence shows that many employees – prefer coaching/mentorship which is more reciprocal and mutual in character. Single mentors or coaches are less development-enhancing than robust developmental networks or coaching/mentoring ‘constellations’.


GCLA’s Three Fold Strategy:


  1. One-on-one, more formal coaching, generally with a senior or more experienced coach, assisted the growth and development of educators, 

  2. Learning to be a coach and practising the skills and dispositions of coaching in their work contexts that had the most impact on educators.

  3. A third learning loop of assisting others to develop coaching skills and dispositions. Thus, further reinforces and embeds the learning, and assists the development of a team coaching and collaborative culture.

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