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X-FACTOR EDUCATORS – lighting fires in learners’ hearts and minds


X-FACTOR EDUCATORS understand that the richest places in the world are NOT the banks of Switzerland, the diamond mines of South Africa, or the oil fields of Saudi Arabia; rather, it is in the hearts and minds of those whom they teach, inspire and enable every day.


X-FACTOR EDUCATORS are those teachers who think outside the box, who go the extra mile, and are those teachers who recognise pupils' emotions and respond to them while maintaining discipline and fairness; these are key factors for children's enjoyment, learning and emotional development. I believe you understand this as an X-FACTOR EDUCATOR because of your inherent belief that teaching isn’t about filling buckets, but about lighting fires.


At X-FACTOR EDUCATORS you will gain:

  • Hundreds of next-step action ideas, innovations, and transferable resources to take what you learn and immediately put it into action;

  • The opportunity to network and collaborate with leading X-FACTOR EDUCATORS from throughout your region;

  • WHITE-SPACE to ignite and unleash the X-FACTOR EDUCATOR inside of you, and to claim the power and assurance that comes from being one-off.


Igniting dreams, enabling success, and inspiring those whom we teach to pursue the things that feed their spirits, energies and passions and the things which give their lives meaning and purpose is what we love to do. If you understand that your greatest contribution to education might not be what you teach, but who and how you teach... then you don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to connect, create and collaborate with like-minded leaders and educators. BOOK NOW for X-FACTOR EDUCATORS.

We value connection, that’s why a delicious morning tea and full buffet lunch is included. Just one less thing for you to worry about.

Book Now for our Super Early Bird Special of $299. Pay by credit card (paypal), or with relevant authority we can invoice your school - take advantage of our register 3 people and get the fourth free!

Wednesday 9th May
9.30am - 3pm

Novotel Hotel, Ellerslie,


Monday 21st May
9.30am - 3pm

Peppers, Clearwater Resort


Wednesday 23rd May
9.30am - 3pm

Norwood Room, Basin Reserve

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